Peck Virtual Library Classroom

Lost in the library? The Peck Virtual Library Classroom is offered by the UMUC Library to help you learn more about UMUC's library resources and services.

After self-rostering in this free and voluntary class you will have access to:

  • In-depth content to help you gain an understanding of both the research process and available library resources and services
  • Tutorials to provide further reinforcement of your research skills
  • An exercise to practice what has been learned
  • Assistance from a librarian to answer your questions and provide feedback

The VLC is known as VLIB 101 in Web Tycho, the classware used to deliver online courses at UMUC. The Peck Virtual Library Classroom was developed through the generous support of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Peck.

Rostering into VLIB 101

  1. Connect to the Web Tycho server. (
  2. Log in to Web Tycho.
    If you are a current UMUC student, faculty or staff and do not yet have a user name and password, use the "login wizard" to obtain them.
  3. Register for the Virtual Library Classroom:
    1. From the top of the screen, select Library.
    2. Select VLIB 101 from the menu of available classes.
    3. Make sure the pull down menu option is set to register and click Submit.
    4. The prompt says: "You have been registered in the following sections."
    5. Click Return.
  4. Check your list of classes.
    In a few minutes VLIB 101 will be added to your List of Classes page in Web Tycho. You may have to press Shift while clicking on Reload to refresh the page.

Removing VLIB 101 from your WebTycho menu

  1. From the top of the screen, select Library.
  2. Select VLIB 101.
  3. Select VLIB 101 from the list of available classes.
  4. Select Unregister beside "What would you like to do?"
  5. Click Submit. VLIB 101 will be removed from your list of classes. You may register again at any time.