Restricted Access on Military and Corporate Networks

The problem:
Some military installations and corporate networks have tight network restrictions which do not allow access to proxy servers, such as the one UMUC employs to give remote users access to library resources.

Is my access restricted - how can I tell?

Please try the following:

  1. First, check your browser.
    Run the Browser Quick Check and verify that your browser has cookies, Javascript and SSL enabled. (You will need to click on a button to verify that SSL is enabled.)
  2. Then try our proxy server.
    1. Click this TEST LOGIN link.
    2. Are you able to log in?  (If you get a message saying "The credentials you provided cannot be determined to be authentic," please try again.)
    3. Do you then get taken to a page which says "Congratulations"? If so, then your access is OK.
  3. Still unable to get in?
    If you cannot log into our proxy server, you may have restricted access.

Yes, my access appears to be restricted. What are my other options?

  1. Try free search services.
    Sometimes services, such as the following, will link to free versions of articles.
  2. Found an article you need, but cannot access it?
    Let us know what article you need and that you are on a military installation with restricted access. We will try to find a copy and e-mail it to you.
  3. Are there any less restricted areas around?
    Depending on the location, sometimes military personnel can find a computer or a connection that is off-base and not under the same restrictions. Also, at some installations, some areas of the base – library or recreation areas - may not be as tightly locked down.
  4. Does your installation have a library?
    If so, check with the base librarian to see what kinds of resources s/he may know about.
  5. Contact the IT staff at your installation and ask them to allow firewall access.
    Ask the Network Administrators if they can add the following rules to the firewall:
    1. Allow access to ( on ports 80 and 443.
    2. Allow access to ( on ports 80 and 443.

      (You can also contact a UMUC representative at your location and ask them for assistance with this. See Asia Locations and Europe Locations for contact information.)

Need further assistance?

Ask a Librarian!