Frequently Asked Questions

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Why consider being a mentored student?

As a mentored student, you will have the opportunity to interact closely with and get advice from a Master Teacher in your content area who can:

  • Answer your questions and reassure you of your career path
  • Discuss teaching options
  • Share insights about what's going on in the field—crucial information that can only come from an expert
  • Give you firsthand information on working in a school environment, including the skills required and what a typical workday is like
  • Provide feedback on coursework, projects and papers with an eye toward how relevant they are to conditions in the real world

What are the recommended traits for a mentored student?

  • Enthusiasm for the field of teaching and a commitment to working in the field
  • An interest in learning about the best career strategies
  • Openness to suggestions and discussions and willingness to follow through with ideas provided

What are the roles and responsibilities of a mentored student?

  • Share areas of interest and concerns with the mentor
  • Interact regularly and in a respectful manner with the mentor and mentor assistant
  • Discuss classes and projects or papers you have completed
  • Discuss current projects or papers with the mentor
  • Evaluate your short- and long-term career goals with the mentor and your plan for achieving them

What are the eligibility requirements?

Only students in their first or second semester of the MAT program may apply. Applicants will be selected based on their communication skills, motivation, drive and competency for graduate-level work.

How can someone apply to be a mentored student?

All student applicants must fill out an application that includes information about classes completed, current areas of interest, a CV and short- and long-term career goals.


Why consider being a mentor?

As a mentor, you will gain personal and professional satisfaction by helping shape a graduate student’s career. As a mentor you can:

  • Help improve the teaching profession by training better prepared and more directed graduates
  • Introduce and inspire new talent to your area of expertise
  • Be among the first to participate in a new online mentoring model that has been  introduced into other graduate programs across the country
  • Gain recognition for yourself and your school through news releases issued by UMUC that can be posted on your Web site

You will also be given an orientation to the program and a mentor assistant who will assist you in your mentoring tasks and act as a liaison between you and students.

What are the recommended traits for a mentor?

  • Desire to provide guidance and support to graduate students
  • Ability to encourage new professionals to become more passionate about the field of teaching in their content area and develop a deeper understanding of it
  • A good grasp of the current state of their specialty
  • A perspective on how it might be changing in the short term
  • Patience and enthusiasm for students who are starting or re-entering a graduate program

What are the roles and responsibilities of a mentor?

  • Attend an orientation program
  • Meet with the student you are mentoring at least three times each semester

What are the eligibility requirements?

Any master teacher, as identified by completion of a masters degree, a minimum of three years teaching in your chosen area and a recommendation from your principal, who teaches secondary school in one of the approved areas—biology, chemistry, computer science, earth/space science, English, history, math, physics and social studies—as well as affiliate educational professionals, such as media specialists, coordinator, assistant or full principal, who have a certification in one of the aforementioned areas may apply. You may be located anywhere in the world to participate, as long as you have the patience and a desire to help inspire and direct newcomers to the field.

How to apply to be a mentor?

Master teachers interested in serving as a mentor in this program can apply online. A confirmation e-mail will be sent once your application has been reviewed.