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Welcome to University of Maryland University College's (UMUC) FAQ Web page for our current Air Force students using the AF Portal. This Web page is dedicated to helping Air Force personnel through their questions regarding the AF Portal and UMUC. Here you will find some information on attending UMUC while using the AF Portal.

Students using the AF Portal are encouraged to become familiar with this page for answers to common questions.

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AF Portal (Air Force) - Answers to FAQs

How do I apply to UMUC?

Students can apply online at  Note, once the application is submitted an account will be created with UMUC and there will be a $50.00 non-refundable application fee generated.  Students are responsible for paying this fee as soon as possible. Students can make payments online through MyUMUC or calling 800-888-8682 Ext. 5510.  This phone number can also be used for questions regarding an account balance or student can send an email to

What do I need to be fully admitted into UMUC?

To be fully admitted to UMUC, students must submit all official transcripts from previous institutions. To be eligible for the military rate, students must submit documentation showing their current military status and how long they will be in that status. Please see Apply and Get Started for information regarding acceptable military documentation. Please review our UMUC admission pages for details on requirements for undergraduate and graduate admissions. In addition, the $50.00 non-refundable application fee must be paid in full. Students may register and attend courses while finishing their admissions process.

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What is needed if I'm relocating from UMUC Europe or UMUC Asia?

Students relocating from UMUC Europe or UMUC Asia must fill out the Relocation Request Form.

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Where can I learn more about placement testing?

All undergraduate UMUC prospective students must take a writing and Math placement test.  Students may schedule a placement test through the Testing Center. Students may also look over the placement test Web page for more details.

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Who is my UMUC academic advisor?

When a student needs assistance with UMUC programs, policies, admissions, courses, requirements, and basic university administrative information they can contact their academic advisor. If a student has not been assigned an academic advisor they can contact the Military Advising Team at or call 800-888-8682 Ext. 7270.  Any questions involving the AF Portal may have to be directed to an Air Force Education counselor.

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How do I register for classes?

All courses are available through MyUMUC. Air Force students will be able to view the Catalog and Schedule of classes through the AF Portal however it is important to remember all registrations must be done through MyUMUC or by contacting a military advisor for assistance.

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Are there any required courses?

For undergraduates, UMUC requires all students to take LIBS 150. This course must be taken within the student's first 18 credits of enrollment. Students must also successfully complete the WRTG 101 course, along with a second writing course (a communications/writing) and an advanced intensive writing requirement. Mathematic requirements are specific to the program the student is studying.

For graduate school, all students at UMUC are required to take UCSP 615 or UCSP 615A within their first 6 credits.

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How do I use Tuition Assistance as payment for courses?

After registering for your courses with UMUC all Active Duty Airmen who wish to use Tuition Assistance (TA) as payment for their course(s) will need to log into the AF Portal and request their Tuition Assistance.  Please be sure to have the correct course information available for selection on your TA request.  Once the form has been completed please submit this form via the portal for processing.  Once you have been notified your Tuition Assistance has been approved students will then need to print this TA form and fax this directly to our finance office at 301-985-7858 or 7502.

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How do I apply for grants/financial aid?

At UMUC, you will find a variety of financial aid programs to suit your needs—from grants and scholarships (which do not require repayment) to loans (which must be repaid) and work-study programs. A number of factors determine eligibility for these programs, including financial need (as defined by the Department of Education), undergraduate or graduate enrollment, and grade-point average. For further information about any of the programs or to receive a financial aid package, please contact the Financial Aid office at 800-888-UMUC (8682) or at

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How do I order my course materials?

Now that you have registered for your course(s) you will need to purchase your course materials.  UMUC has linked with MBS Direct allowing student's to purchase their course materials online.  To do this, first log into your MYUMUC portal and follow these step-by-step instructions.  First, select the Student Portal Link located on the upper left hand side of your screen. Once this opens you will need to first confirm your course registrations and determine which course section(s) you have been placed into.  This information will later be needed when selecting the correct course materials for purchase.  To find this information select the My Academics link (again located on the left) and then Registration/Enrollments.  When this section displays you will notice an Order Class Materials link will display.  Select the MBS Direct link, which will then take you directly to UMUC's MBS site.  Here you can select the icon to Order Books.

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How do I withdraw from a course?

All Air Force students will need to withdraw from courses using the MyUMUC student portal.  Once logged into MyUMUC, simply click on My Academics, Registration/Enrollment and then again select Registration/Enrollment.  The next step is to select which semester you are presently enrolled.  At the bottom, you will want to click on Drop/Update Classes.

Please note: You may also contact a military advisor for assistance.

Students may want to take into consideration requesting an Incomplete for the course instead of withdrawing.  This will give the student an extension of the time needed to complete coursework.  Note: Incompletes can only be given if 60% of the course has been completed.  In addition, Incompletes can only be granted by the instructor and cannot last longer than 4 months beyond the end of the semester.  A letter grade of "I" will remain on the students' transcript until the Incomplete is satisfied.  The instructor is responsible for submitting the grade change for completion of the Incomplete.  If the process is not resolved after 4 months, the grade will automatically change to an "F."

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Is there a refund for withdrawing from my class?

If a student withdraws from a course before the first day of class, the course is removed from the registration history and the Air Force will not be billed.  However, if the student withdraws from a course on the first day of class or after, there will be a percentage of tuition and the technology fee refunded. Note: Effective Spring 2011, the technology fee is refundable proportionate to the percentage of tuition refunded. Please review the policy regarding refunds for student withdrawals for details and amount of refund.

An example of the refund policy is if a student withdraws from a course within the first 6 days of the semester, after the first day of class, there will be a 75% refund of the tuition cost and technology fee. The remaining 25% of the tuition cost is the responsibility of the student to settle with UMUC. Students can make payments online through MyUMUC or calling 800-888-8682 Ext. 5510.  This phone number can also be used for questions regarding an account balance or student can send an email to

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How do I change my Major/Program at UMUC?

If an Air Force student is interested in changing their major the student must contact UMUC's military advising team to have MyUMUC updated.  Please note:  some courses and/or course articulations may change or may not be applied toward the new degree program.

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What is AU/ABC?

Air University's Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative (AU/ABC), is a program set up for Air Force students earning an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree from the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) to apply a block of credits toward a bachelor's degree with UMUC.  The ABC program is set up for particular degrees, which can be viewed from our AU/ABC Web site.

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What is Category I and Category II?

Under Category I degrees, students are guaranteed 60 credits will transfer from CCAF AAS degree to one of the two selected UMUC degrees:

  • AAS Criminal Justice - BS Criminal Justice
  • AAS Human Resources - BS Management Studies

Under Category II degrees, your general education requirements should be completed at an articulated institution or credit source (ex. tests). In some cases, it may only take you 60 credits to complete your degree program at UMUC. However, it is important to note that the number of credits for Category II programs will be determined during your transcript evaluation.

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What is a Servicemember's Opportunity College (SOC) Agreement?

A SOC (Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges) is an agreement between the university and the soldier that will protect your credits and degree program as you transfer from duty station to duty station. It also offers a way to select courses from many colleges within the SOC Network for guaranteed transferability to your UMUC degree plan. Military students who are pursuing an undergraduate degree at UMUC are eligible for a SOCAD agreement. Graduate students and students pursuing only a certificate are not eligible for a SOC agreement.
Please note: UMUC stateside will honor valid overseas SOC agreements for Air Force. However, UMUC stateside does not have a contract with the Air Force, so no new SOC Agreements will be processed.

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When will my grades be posted?

UMUC will submit all grades for courses completed within 14 days of the class end date.

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Who should I contact if my grades have not posted?

After the 14 days, if a grade has not been posted in MyUMUC, the student needs to contact the instructor to see if they have submitted the grade.  Note, if the student contacts the instructor via email, they can send a courtesy copy to their academic advisor or to as a means of record keeping.

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Can I request an Incomplete for a course?

A student may request an Incomplete for a course through their instructor.  This is an agreement between the student and the instructor of the course.  This agreement can only be made if 60% of the course has been completed.  In addition, the time allotted to complete the remaining coursework cannot extend past 120 days after the last day of classes.  While the student is working on satisfying the remaining requirements set by the instructor, there will be an "I" posted for the students grade.  If the student does not successfully complete the remaining course requirements, or if incomplete goes beyond the 120 day time period, the "I" will automatically switch over to an "F" for the course grade.

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Why did I get a letter regarding a balance due when I am collecting tuition assistance?

A student could receive a notice via email or US Postal Service for a balance for a number of reasons.  To reduce the chances of this occurring, we strongly suggest students to be proactive in their education by monitoring their accounts.  This can be done through the MyUMUC portal.

Some of the common issues with balances are fees involving application for admissions, application graduation and transcripts request.  At times, when registering for classes, the tuition assistance applied may not have been enough to cover the cost of the courses.  This may be due to a change in tuition costs which can occur each semester.  A student may also have the wrong dates on their tuition assistance form or the tuition is coming from a previous fiscal year and dates need to be changed.

For assistance, a student should contact Student Financial Services at 800-888-8682 Ext. 5510 or email  Also, a student may contact the Military Advising Team for assistance at

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How do I apply for graduation?

Students may apply for graduation through the MyUMUC student portal.  The student can simply, log into the portal, click on My Academics, and then Graduation.  This will start the application process.  Please note that there is a nonrefundable $50 processing fee that will be charged to your UMUC account.

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How long will it take for me to receive my diploma?

Once all grades are posted and Student Affairs has reviewed each student's records who have applied for graduations, those who have been cleared for graduation will be outsourced for printing.  The overall process can take a month and a half to two full months to complete.

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Who should I talk to if I'm interested in Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC)?

Students who are interested in AFROTC should contact military advising at 877-275-8682 or

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