Frequently Asked Questions (Army) - Answers

How do I apply to UMUC?

Soldiers who would like to attend UMUC and collect tuition assistance from the Army apply to the university through the GoArmyEd portal using the "Common Application."

Once your application is submitted, an account will be created with UMUC and a $50 non-refundable application fee will be generated on your account.

Please Note: We advise you to pay the fee as soon as possible. Failure to pay the application fee may result in your account being put on hold or your registration for future courses being blocked.

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What do I need to be fully admitted to UMUC?

To be fully admitted to UMUC, all students must submit official transcripts from Joint Services Transcript (JST), any previous institutions attended, any official score reports for CLEP/DANTES/AP/DLPT and a copy of high school transcripts for those students who have completed fewer than 24 college credits at prior institutions. This is critical for having your Degree Audit processed—audits will not be processed until ALL required documents are received.  A student’s Degree Audit must be completed before a SOC agreement can be processed, since this agreement is based upon the official audit.

It is also a good idea to review our UMUC admission pages for details on requirements for undergraduate and graduate programs.

In addition, the $50 ($100 for doctorial students) non-refundable application fee must be paid in full. You may register and attend courses while finishing your admission process.

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Where can I find information on placement testing?

All undergraduate UMUC prospective students must take a writing and math placement test. You may schedule a placement test through the Testing Center. For location information and more, visit the Placement Testing home page.

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How can I contact a UMUC advisor?

When a GoArmyEd student needs assistance with UMUC programs, policies, admissions, courses, requirements and basic university administrative information, they can contact their academic advisor. If you have not been assigned an academic advisor yet, contact the Military Advising Team at or call 877-275-8682.

Questions involving GoArmyEd may have to be directed to your Army Education Center.

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How can I contact GoArmyEd?

To contact GoArmyEd, you can call 800-888-8682 or open a helpdesk case directly from your GoArmyEd homepage.

  • To do this, log into GoArmyEd and click the Helpdesk button at the top of the Homepage. 
  • The Create a New Case page will appear. 
  • After completing all required sections simply click Submit to continue or Cancel to abandon the case without saving it.
  • A new page is displayed with the CRM case number. Write down the CRM case number for reference so that you can track actions taken.
  • Click the Return to Support Summary link to display the Soldier’s Student Record Support Summary tab.
  • The case is listed in the Current Cases Open section under the Helpdesk Case Summary tab.
  • Click the Home link to return to your GoArmyEd homepage.
  • When the case is resolved, you will receive e-mail confirmation with the resolution and a link to the customer satisfaction feedback form.

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How do I register for classes?

All students collecting tuition assistance must register for classes through the GoArmyEd portal. Register for courses in GoArmyEd portal 2 months before the start of classes. Follow the step-by-step instructions listed under the Soldier Reference Documents in GoArmyEd when enrolling in courses.  The Course Enrollment Guide walks students through the GoArmyEd enrollment process. 

Also, take advantage of GoArmyEd’s auto-advisor system. In GoArmyEd under "My Virtual Education Center," click on the "Enroll or Drop/Withdraw from a Course" and then click on "Launch Auto Advisor."

Please review the Using the Auto Advisor Tool for more information.

Please Note: Any registrations that take place outside of the GoArmyEd portal will generate a charge on your UMUC account that will be your responsibility to pay.  

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Are there any required courses?

UMUC undergraduate students are required to take the 1 credit LIBS 150 Information Literacy and Research Methods course within their first 18 credits of enrollment. Undergraduates must also successfully complete the WRTG 101 course, along with a second communications/writing course and complete an advanced intensive writing requirement. Mathematic requirements are specific to each program.

For graduate school, all students at UMUC are required to take UCSP 615 or UCSP 615A within their first 6 credits.

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What is the maximum number of semester hours for tuition assistance?

UMUC students may register for a maximum of 8 semester hours per term. The Army also has this limitation set for GoArmyEd students.  This can only be waived by an Army education officer.

Please Note: Graduate students are advised not to take more than 6 semester hours per semester due to the work load. If you are a graduate student who wishes to take more than 6 semester hours, you will have to contact a military academic advisor at and request a "Course Overload".

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How do I find my classes in GoArmyEd?

To locate your classes in GoArmyEd, select the "Course Schedule" link located under the Earn A Degree or Credential link located to the left of your page from the "Search Course Schedule" page. 

For details on finding classes, enrolling in courses and screen shots of applicable steps, review the GoArmyEd GoArmyEd Course Enrollment Guide.

Please Note: This document can also be found on your GoArmyEd homepage under the Soldier Reference Documents

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How do I apply for grants/financial aid?

UMUC offers a variety of financial aid programs to suit your needs—from grants and scholarships (which do not require repayment) to loans (which must be repaid) and work-study programs. A number of factors determine eligibility for these programs, including financial need (as defined by the Department of Education), undergraduate or graduate enrollment and grade-point average. For further information about any of the programs or to receive a financial aid package, please contact the Financial Aid office at 800-888-8682 or    

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How do I purchase my course materials?

Now that you have registered for your course(s), you need to purchase your course materials.  UMUC has linked with MBS Direct allowing students to purchase their course materials online.  To do this, log into your MyUMUC portal and follow these step-by-step instructions. 

  1. Select the Student Portal Link located on the upper left hand side of your screen.
  2. Once this opens you will need to first confirm your course registrations and determine which course section(s) you have been placed into.  This information will later be needed when selecting the correct course materials for purchase.  To find this information select the My Academics link (again located on the left) and then Registration/Enrollments.   
  3. When this section displays you will notice an Order Class Materials link will display. 
  4. Select the MBS Direct link, which will then take you directly to UMUC’s MBS site.
  5. Here you can select the icon to Order Books. 

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How do I withdraw from a class?

If you used the GoArmyEd portal to register and you collected tuition assistance, you must also use the GoArmyEdu portal to withdraw from a course. Please remember that all actions done in GoArmyEd will take 24 to 48 hours before showing up in the your MyUMUC portal account. Details regarding withdrawals (W), withdrawals for military reasons (WM), and step-by-step instruction, can be found in the GoArmyEd document Dropping/Withdrawing from a Course.

Instead of withdrawing, you may want to consider requesting an “Incomplete” for the course. This will give you an extension of the time needed to complete coursework. Note: “Incompletes” can only be given if 60 percent of the course has been completed. In addition, “Incompletes” can only be granted by the instructor and cannot last longer than 4 months beyond the end of the semester. A letter grade of “I” will remain on the student’s transcript until the “Incomplete” is satisfied. The instructor is responsible for submitting the grade change when the course has been completed. If the process is not resolved after 4 months, the grade will automatically change to an “F.” See “Can I request an Incomplete for a course?”

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Is there a tuition assistance (TA) refund for withdrawing from my class?

If you withdraw from a course before the first day of class, the course will be removed from your registration history and the Army will not be billed. However, if you withdraw from a course on the first day of class—or prior to 19 percent course completion—a percentage of your tuition and technology fee will be refunded.

For example, if you withdraw from a course within the first six days of the semester, you will be refunded 75 percent of the tuition cost and technology fee. You will need to arrange payment of the remaining 25 percent of the tuition cost with UMUC. You can make payments online through MyUMUC or by calling 800-888-UMUC (8682). This phone number can also be used for questions regarding an account balance or you can send an e-mail to

Please review refunds for student withdrawals policy for more details and refund percentages.

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Can I request an Incomplete for a course?

You may request an “Incomplete” for a course through your instructor. This is an agreement between you and the instructor of the course. This agreement can only be made if 60 percent of the course has been completed. In addition, the time allotted to complete the remaining coursework cannot extend past 4 months after the last day of classes. While you are working on satisfying the remaining requirements set by the instructor, there will be an “I” posted for your grade. If you do not successfully complete the remaining course requirements, or if the “Incomplete” goes beyond the 4 month time period, the “I” will automatically switch over to an “F” for the course grade.

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What and where are the degree maps?

Degree maps detail required courses and other degree requirements to help you make enrollment choices, determine TA eligibility and receive guidance in following the specific degree plan. You can locate the required courses for your degree plan on the GoArmyEd Web site under the UMUC pull-down menu by selecting the Earn a Degree or Credential link and then Colleges/Programs. In addition, you can review other degree course selections by referring to your major/program in the UMUC Catalog. Once your individual Student Agreement (SA) is submitted to your GoArmyEd profile, review the SA for a detailed list of appropriate course selections for your degree plan to complete all requirements.

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What is a Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) Agreement?

A SOC (Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges) is an agreement between the university and the soldier that protects your credits and degree program as you transfer from duty station to duty station. It also offers a way to select courses from many colleges within the SOC Network for guaranteed transferability to your UMUC degree plan. Military students pursuing an undergraduate degree at UMUC are eligible for a SOCAD agreement. Graduate students and students pursuing only a certificate are not eligible for a SOC agreement.

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When do I receive an SOC Agreement?

If you have selected UMUC as your host institution and are pursuing an undergraduate degree, you must submit all required official transcripts from previously attended institutions, all official score reports and your JST document for an official academic evaluation audit. This is known as a Degree Audit and will be processed when all materials are received. The SOC agreement is processed following completion of the official audit and is based upon the audit.

Note: If you have not completed at least 24 credits at previously attended collegiate institutions (not including UMUC coursework), you need to submit your high school or GED transcript.

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What is a Student Agreement (SA)?

A Student Agreement (SA) is an electronic document processed from the course information contained on the SOC agreement, which is submitted to the GoArmyEd portal. This document posts to the individual soldier’s GoArmyEd profile and creates the GoArmyEd Degree Progress Report. The SA cannot be submitted to the GoArmyEd portal until the UMUC academic audit is processed.

Note: The SA can be submitted for graduate students without an official audit or the SOC agreement. Once a graduate student is enrolled in at least one UMUC graduate course, the SA can be submitted for the selected degree plan.

It is important to note that once you have completed 6 credits at UMUC through the GoArmyEd portal, a hold will automatically be placed on your account by the GoArmyEd system and enrollment will be suspended until the SA is submitted. Submit all necessary documents to UMUC as quickly as possible to avoid this hold. If a SA hold is placed on your account, you can contact the Army Education Counselor and request a temporary deferral to the hold.

Please Note: For relocation students who have already been issued a SOC from Europe or Asia, that SOC is still viable and will be honored stateside as long as there has been no 2-year break in enrollment and they are continuing with the same degree plan. We do not issue a new SOC stateside if their overseas SOC is still viable and there has been no change in their degree plan.

Also, updated SOCs are not issued. A new SOC will be issued following the completion of a new audit only when students change their degree plan (different major; adding/deleting optional minor; changing catalog year which changes degree requirements).

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Why did I get a letter regarding tuition due when my tuition assistance is covering the cost?

You could receive a notice via e-mail or U.S. Postal Service for a balance for a number of reasons. To reduce the chances of this occurring, we strongly suggest that you be proactive by monitoring your accounts in the MyUMUC.

Some of the common issues with balances are fees involving the applications for admission and graduation, and transcripts requests. At times, when registering for classes, the tuition assistance applied may not have been enough to cover the cost of the courses. This may be due to a limit on tuition assistance per fiscal year.

Furthermore, some students have accidentally registered through MyUMUC instead of GoArmyEd. Naturally, there will be no tuition assistance applied in this case. If this has happened to you, you must withdraw from the course in MyUMUC and register in the GoArmyEd portal. If this happens on or after the first day of class, you should contact the Military Advising Team for assistance at

Lastly, you may have takena course that falls outside of your degree plan and therefore the Army will not apply tuition assistance. This has to be resolved by contacting an Army education officer for approval.

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Who should I talk to if I'm interested in Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC)?

Students who are interested in Army ROTC should contact military advising at 877-275-8682 or