Army Command and General Staff College Program and Command and General Staff Officer's Course (CGSOC)

Master of Science in Management with a specialization in Army Operations and National Security—MSMAONS (36 total credits/15 transferred in from CGSOC)   

This program was set up to allow those officers who have  successfully completed the Common Core Curriculum (CCC) of the Intermediate-Level Education (ILE) to receive 15 graduate credits as a block into UMUC's Master of Science in Management with a specialization in Army Operations and National Security.   

The three-month CCC is now part of resident CGSOC.  It also can be completed at one of the Army's satellite campuses—Fort Belvoir, Virgina; Fort Gordon, Georgia; Fort Lee, Virgina; or Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. Finally, it also can be completed through either Reserve School "M" course or the Web-based "S" course.    

Note that the curriculum must include the revamped CCC instruction that comprises the new ILE. The ILE includes the following: Foundations of Critical Thinking and Leader Assessment and Development, Strategic Fundamentals, Operations Fundamentals, Tactical Fundamentals and the three parallel courses of Leadership, History and Force Management.   


  1. Any student who has completed the Common Core Curriculum either at CGSOC, Satellite campus, the Reserve Course "M" or the Web-based "S" course since October 1, 2004. Those students who have completed the Resident or Nonresident legacy CGSOC course (1-250-C3) which does not have the CCC are not eligible. Students who have completed the Nonresident Command and General Staff Officers Course (1-250-ILE) are eligible. If you have any questions contact the POC's at the bottom of this page.   

  2. In order for the CCC or CGSOC/ILE student to be granted the block of 15 transfer credits, the student must meet UMUC's criteria for transfer as set forth in the applicable catalog at the time the student requests acceptance of the transferred credits.  

  3. Student must have also not used the same credits to pursue a master's degree from CGSOC/ILE or from another graduate program.  

  4. Students must have received a "B" or better average on all CGSOC/ILE courses that make up the CCC as indicated on the official transcript. A passed grade on any P/F courses will be considered to be a "B" or better and an "F" will be equivalent to a failing grade at UMUC.  

Program Matrix

Core Courses (15 Credits) Must be taken at UMUC

  • MGMT 610 Organizational Theory 
  • MGMT 615 Intercultural Communication & Leadership  
  • MGMT 640 Financial Decision Making for Managers  
  • MGMT 650 Research Methods for Managers   
  • MGMT 670 Strategic Management

*Students can choose to take the following 6-credit seminar instead of taking MGMT 610 and MGMT 615

  • MGMT 630 Organizational Theory and Behavior in a Global Environment

Core Rules

  1. Students must complete 24 credits, including other core requirements, before enrolling in MGMT 670.

  2. MGMT 640 and MGMT 650 should not be completed simultaneously.

Transfer Courses from CGSOC

The courses listed on the transcript must exceed 15 graduate credit hours.

End of Program Courses (6 credits)

Student must take any two courses or 6 credits from the courses listed in the Groups below to complete the required 7 courses in the specialization.

Nonprofit and Association Management Group:

  • NPMN 600  Nonprofit and Association Organizations and Issues (3)
  • NPMN 660  Strategic Management in Nonprofit Organizations and Associations (3)

Human Resource Management Group:

  • HRMD 610  Issues and Practices in Human Resource Management (3)
  • HRMD 650  Organizational Development and Change (3)

Project Management Group:

  • PMAN 634  Program and Project Management (3)
  • PMAN 641 Project Procurement Management (3)

Marketing Group:

  • MRKT 600 Marketing Management (3) and
  • MRKT 601 Legal and Ethical Issues in Global Communication (3) or
  • MRKT 620 Marketing Principles, Regulation, and Ethical Issues (6)  *This course is a 6 credit course.  Students who receive credit for MRKT 620 may not receive credit for MRKT 600 or MRKT 601.

Students must also complete UCSP 615 Orientation to Graduate Studies at UMUC within the first six credits of UMUC course work. This is a required course for all graduate students.

Other noncredit courses are available to students who may need to improve their skills in some key areas. Details of the noncredit courses can be found in the Graduate Catalog.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Dual Degree Program:
In accordance with UMUC applicable policies, procedures and requirements, CGSOC students have the option of pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree after completing the requirements for the MSM. CGSOC students wishing to pursue this option should confer with a UMUC academic advisor at the earliest opportunity since the 7-year rule also includes these courses.  Students may earn the MBA by completing the following additional coursework:

  • DMBA 610 Ethical Leadership in Organizations and Society (6)
  • DMBA 620 Effective Financial and Operational Decision Making (6)
  • DMBA 630 Marketing and Strategy Management in the Global Marketplace (6)

Administrative Information: 

  • Students must meet standard UMUC admission requirements.

  • Students must apply for admission. On the admissions application student should indicate they are applying for the Master of Science in Army Operations and National Security (MSMAONS). 

  • Upon completion of the CCC program, students must fill out and submit the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form. Along with the form, an official transcript from the CGSOC should be submitted to have the block of 15 credits posted to UMUC's transcript.

  • Since 15 credits exceed the normal credit transfer limits accepted by UMUC, no other additional credits may be transferred into the program.

  • All requirements established for the completion of the program must be fulfilled within seven consecutive years and include the track seminar or correspondence courses taken with CGSOC. This requirement cannot be waived.

  • UMUC will not accept the transfer of partial credit, i.e. less than 15 credits for this program.

  • CGSOC CCC graduates that are active duty military are eligible for Maryland in-state graduate tuition at the prevailing rates for the MSM. The rate for the MBA program will be the prevailing tuition as published in the fee schedule. View Tuition and fees.

Points of Contact

General Program Questions
Military Support Services

Academic Information
Donald Gakenheimer
800-888-UMUC (8682), ext. 2451

Courses of Interest

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