College of the American Soldier (CAS)

Advancing through the ranks requires lots of training and educational programs along the way. Now that you’ve achieved NCO status, the College of the American Soldier (CAS) and University of Maryland University College (UMUC) can help you earn a college degree while still in uniform. You’ll gain valuable knowledge that can immediately enhance your leadership and warfighting capabilities while also preparing for your future after the military.

The recent creation of the Army’s College of the American Soldier (CAS) builds on the success of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges Army Degrees (SOCAD). CAS is a partnership program—developed exclusively for NCOs—that provides college credit for military education and leadership training for non-commissioned officers (NCOs) through select colleges. UMUC is one of the ten schools selected as a CAS partner by TRADOC and ACES.

The CAS program is aimed at expanding the range of civilian college degree choices currently available, as well as maximizing the potential number of credits that are eligible for transfer. Through CAS, more career NCOs will be able to retire with BA or BS degrees that are directly applicable to the civilian job market.

You’re eligible to start in the CAS program at any point in your career. You can receive a specific number of college credits, based on the NCOES courses and other training you’ve completed.

CAS helps you by

  • Maximizing the college credits you receive
  • Minimizing academic residency requirements
  • Providing flexibility for your degree completion time
  • Allowing you to continue growing within the military and leave the service prepared for civilian life

CAS is accepted and supported by the American Council on Education (ACE).

Quality Education and Support

Once you select UMUC as your CAS home college, we’ll contact you to discuss your chosen degree program.

  • You’ll know up front how many credits from military schools will be applied to your degree program.
  • We’ll do an assessment of your Joint Services Transcript to find any additional credits that may apply to your degree from MOS experience, previous college cources, testing, prior learning, or certifications.
  • UMUC’s academic advisors will help you select the courses you need to satisfy the balance of your credit requirements in the shortest amount of time.

Career NCO Degree Programs

As part of the College of the American Soldier, UMUC offers three fully developed Bachelor of Science (BS) degree programs in business and management to NCO students: the BS in business administration, the BS in human resource management, and the BS in management studies.

Career NCO Degree Maps
To review the degree maps, complete with degree objectives and detailed course requirements, click each Career NCO Degree program below. To apply for admission and enroll in one of these Career NCO Degree programs, log in to

How to Get Started
To enroll in a Career NCO Degree program as part of the College of the American Soldier, log in to To find out more, contact Bethany Tayor or the Military Advising Team. View the information flyer for more details on how the College of the American Soldier can benefit you.

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