iCollege Program and Transfer Requirements

Programs Available

UMUC will make graduate credit toward a UMUC Master of Science degree program available to iCollege students who have successfully completed an iCollege certificate programs. View available programs.

Transfer Credit Allowed

For iCollege students who have successfully completed a certificate program and who are admitted to their respective UMUC program, UMUC will accept a certain number of transfer credits. Accepted credits vary per program.

The transferred credits will be accepted only as a block equivalent to the number of accepted credits, and are awarded to iCollege students who have successfully met all the graduation requirements and have been awarded a diploma and/or certificate. UMUC will not accept the transfer of partial credit for any particular program under this agreement. As part of the admissions process at UMUC, students must submit their official transcripts from iCollege and fill out the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request form.

Note: UMUC students who have successfully completed their certificate program and are following the partnership before the fall 2007 semester can follow the original course plan.

Since iCollege accepted transfer credits exceed the normal credit transfer limits accepted by UMUC, no other additional credits from other graduate schools for participants under this agreement will be allowed or accepted for those who transfer in these credits. All requirements established for the completion of the degree program must be fulfilled within seven (7) consecutive years, beginning at the date the first course is completed at either UMUC or iCollege.

Participants’ Obligations

Note: All students coming into any UMUC graduate program must take UCSP 615 Orientation to Graduate Studies at UMUC  within the first six credit hours. There is a $75 fee.

iCollege students or graduates must apply to their desired degree program and meet the applicable admission criteria at the time of application.

Admission of iCollege students shall be 1) in accordance with UMUC’s current admission policies and procedures applicable to any student seeking graduate admission to UMUC and 2) in accordance with applicable law. (Applicants who have graduated from a regionally accredited degree-granting university or college with a 3.5 GPA are eligible for unconditional admission).

For the purpose of evaluating applicants for admission and assessing overall grade point average of iCollege students upon graduation, iCollege graduates will be evaluated by UMUC under the following guidelines:

NDU A (above average) = UMUC A (4.0)
NDU M (meets standard) = UMUC B (3.0)
NDU B (below standard) = UMUC C (2.0)

Program participants are responsible for tuition and fees. Active-duty servicemembers and spouses are eligible for Maryland in-state graduate tuition at the current prevailing rates. Civilian students will pay the in-state or out-of-state graduate tuition rates depending on their residency status, at the prevailing rate.

General Program Information

For general transfer credit guidelines and partnership information for each of these iCollege programs, see the iCollege program and transfer requirements.

A "full load" is two courses in fall and one course in the abbreviated summer semester.

Applying to UMUC

Information Assurance Scholarship Program (IASP)

A special scholarship could fully fund your UMUC graduate program. The U.S. Department of Defense is offering the Information Assurance Scholarship Program (IASP) for students who want to pursue fields related to information assurance. UMUC is supporting this program through its Center for Security Studies (CSS). If you are planning to focus your studies on information assurance you may be eligible for this scholarship.

For information about the IASP scholarship, contact Amjad Ali from the UMUC CSS at aali@umuc.edu, or Gilliam E. Duval from NDU at duvalg@ndu.edu.

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