University of Maryland University College would like to congratulate Elena Gortcheva, a member of UMUC's faculty, on being invited to serve on the IBM Academic Advisory Board.

In serving on the advisory board, she will be part of a team focused on assessing the rapidly changing technological landscape and developing practical approaches to shrinking the skills gap that currently exists within the industry. Working with individuals in academia, IBM supports the infusion of data analytics knowledge and expertise into college curricula to ensure that graduates have the data management and interpretation skills that are currently in such high demand.

Gortcheva is program chair and professor of data analytics in the Graduate School at UMUC. Gortcheva joined UMUC in 2003 after a 15-year computer engineering career, where she has served as professor, researcher, and industry consultant. Her professional interests include data mining, intelligent systems, artificial intelligence, and emerging technology.

She has applied her professional experience to the curricula development for the Master of Science in data analytics program. Gortcheva implemented a wide array of advanced technologies and innovative approaches to support and enrich the student's learning experience through course development, industry-oriented research projects, Oracle Labs, Virtual Lab, and open source software, such as R, Hadoop, and Spark.

Gortcheva holds a Master of Science in electronic engineering and a PhD in computer engineering from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.