Policy 000.10 - Mission

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File: 000.10 000.10
Date: 08/27/92 11/01/89


SUBJECT: Mission

University of Maryland University College (UMUC) has a statewide mission to provide higher education opportunities to adult, part-time students. The university specializes in providing access to public higher education for Maryland's adult learners through traditional and innovative instruction and delivery of graduate and undergraduate degree programs, non-credit professional development programs, and conference services. In addition, UMUC provides for statewide brokering of University of Maryland System (System) programs for part-time, adult students at off-campus sites on an as-needed basis. Its brokering functions include assessing needs, monitoring the scope of off-campus offerings, and coordinating System resources to address off-campus needs. UMUC conducts postsecondary degree and non-degree programs throughout the nation and the world.