Policy 420.10 - Exempt Staff Salary Upon Employment

  This Replaces
File: 420.10 420.10
Date: 10/8/13 7/1/12

ORIGINATOR: Office of Human Resources

SUBJECT: Exempt Staff Salary Upon Employment

  1. Purpose
  2. The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to management regarding the use of UMUC Wide Salary Ranges and Zones in determining the pay rate for newly hired exempt staff members

  3. Scope
    1. This policy covers executive, administrative, professional, outside sales, and computer employees who are categorized as exempt under the Federal Fair Labors Standards Act (FLSA).
    2. Faculty members are covered under a separate policy.
  4. Policy
    1. Newly hired exempt staff members are assigned a pay rate at least equal to the minimum of the Zone within the applicable Wide Salary Range to which their jobs are assigned. Individual rates paid to new hires will be determined by:
      1. Work the individual will perform;
      2. Pay rates being paid for similarly qualified employees doing similar work throughout UMUC;
      3. Applicable external market rates; and
      4. Value of the individual's specific credentials to UMUC.
    2. In making salary decisions, the hiring administrator, in consultation with the Office of Human Resources, has an obligation to offer a fair salary that recognizes both the forces of the external labor market as well as internal equity.
    3. The salary offered to a new exempt staff member shall generally be within the minimum and the midpoint of the Zone to which the position is assigned.
    4. This policy is subject to applicable legislation and the USM Chancellor's Compensation Guidelines.
  5. Procedure
    1. Prior to posting or advertising a position, the hiring administrator shall consult with the Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer or designee for an assignment of an appropriate Wide Salary Range and Zone.
    2. Once a decision to hire is made, and prior to any offer of employment being extended, the hiring administrator shall consult with their Talent Acquisition Specialist to determine the appropriate starting salary for the selected candidate. 
    3. When a selection decision involves an internal candidate or when the starting salary exceeds the midpoint of the respective Zone, the Talent Acquisition Specialist shall consult with the Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, or designee, to review the candidate's specific credentials in relationship to internal equity and external market data to arrive at an appropriate final salary offer.
  6. Responsibilities & Authority
    1. The Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer is responsible for the content and communication of this policy.  The Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer shall identify his/her designee(s) as appropriate for this policy.
    2. Hiring administrators are responsible for the implementation of this policy.