Technical Requirements for MyUMUC Portal


PC - Windows XP

PC Windows Vista

PC - Windows 7


Recommended* Browsers:

IE 7 and 8
Firefox 3.6

IE 7 and 8
Firefox 3.6

IE 8
Firefox 3.6

Safari 3, 4 and 5
Firefox 3.6

Acceptable# Browsers:

Firefox 4 and 5

IE 9
Firefox 4 and 5

IE 9
Firefox 4 and 5

Netscape 7.2

Note: Enable JavaScript

Additional Technical Recommendations

Display Settings:

1024 x 768


  • Enable JavaScript
  • Disable pop-up blockers
  • Set your browser to the English language
  • For peak performance, delete your cache periodically.

For information about your browser and computer click here.

For Technical Assistance:

Help@UMUC can help answer your LEO, MyUMUC and other learning applications questions. Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year via self-help, phone, and chat.

Contact Help@UMUC at:
Phone: 1-888-360-UMUC (8682)

*Recommended: These operating systems and browsers are recommended for best results using MyUMUC.

#Acceptable: These products generally work well with MyUMUC but may occasionally cause technical difficulties. MyUMUC Support provides limited assistance; however, you may be asked to use a recommended browser or system.