2014 Global Staff Advisory Council

UMUC staff provide a wide range of services and expertise critical to the fulfillment of the university's mission. In recognition of this essential role, staff advisory councils were established at UMUC's three headquarters locations.

Consistent with the concept of shared governance, the advisory councils allow staff to have a voice in basic decisions that affect the welfare of the institution and its employees, including an informed advisory role in administrative areas and in the functional support aspects of academic matters.

2014 Global Staff Advisory Council Officers

  • Chair: Louie Anne Batac
  • Vice Chair: Fred Merman
  • Secretary: Diana Denby

2014 Global Staff Advisory Council Members

Adelphi Staff Advisory Council

  • Jessica Grubbs
  • Frederick Merman
  • Gerry St. Michel
  • Mark Freeman

Europe Staff Advisory Council

  • Vincent Ormsby
  • Diana Denby
  • Madelaine Hossack
  • Vacant

Asia Staff Advisory Council

  • Louie Anne Batac
  • Quinn Pogvara
  • Karolina Livingston
  • Christine Arnett

Ex-Officio Member

  • Marcia Watson