Gerry St. Michel — 2011 Staff Advisory Council Representative

Department: Student Affairs
Title: Assistant Director, Tentative Evaluations & Special Clearances Team


Gerry has been with UMUC for 24 years. He started on the switchboard with the UMUC European Division in January 1983. He worked for a total of seven years in Europe spending time in Transcripts, the Print Shop, and Textbooks. Prior to working with UMUC in Europe, Gerry had spent four years on active duty with the U.S. Army and was a social science research assistant during his Army years in Germany. In January 1990 Gerry returned to the United States and went back to his native Maine. After a brief stint as a substitute teacher, Gerry made his way down to Maryland and found employment in the Market Research field and in desktop publishing. In 1993, Gerry returned to UMUC working part-time at the Information Desk. As the only employee on the phone in the evenings he learned a great deal about the University overall. He eventually moved to the Graduate School, and as the Marketing Coordinator was instrumental in assisting with the rapid growth of its programs. Gerry now works with Degree Audit as the Assistant Director of the Tentative Evaluation and Special Clearance Team.

Nomination Essay

As a long time employee of the University and with my knowledge and history of the institution, I feel I will be a valuable asset to the Staff Advisory Council. Through my involvement with ASAC I hope to help make UMUC an even better institution for all. I share President Aldridge's outlook that UMUC should be a place of choice for employment and a place where people truly want to be. UMUC needs to do everything it can to ensure that employees value and enjoy their jobs and as a representative of its employees I will try to make sure that the University achieves that goal. If elected, I would be responsive to all employees, and would reach out and listen, and bring to the Staff Advisory Council any and all issues of concern as well as any ideas that will bring about improved change.