Catherine Roberson— 2010 Staff Advisory Council Nominee

Department: Maryland Operations
Title: Academic Advisor


Cathi Roberson is currently serving on ASAC and will be completing her first term in December 2009. She is the Chair for the Nominations/Elections Committee and she works on a number of other projects throughout the year. She has been with UMUC at Adelphi for a number of years, working on the Military Advising Team and on Maryland Operations as an academic advisor. Cathi has always worked for UMUC in the European Division prior to her coming stateside.

Nomination Essay

I am nominating Cathi to be a returning member of ASAC to continue her position on the Council representing Maryland Operations' staff interests. Cathi is an active member of the Council and I know that she is committed to serving the university and staff. I believe that Cathi's experience on the Council is needed for the future; and that she will continue to be an integral part of the Council's mission.