Adelphi Staff Advisory Council

Mika Gardaya


Division: UMUC Asia

Department: Okinawa Area Director

Title: Assistant to the Area Director


Mika has been with UMUC Asia for the past 4 years. She began with UMUC in Yokota as the assistant to the associate dean, and relocated to Okinawa last year. She is now the assistant to the area director.

Mika graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She is currently pursuing her MA in counseling through Bowie State.

Nomination Essay

Mika is hardworking and dedicated to any task she takes on. She is creative and I think she would have some great ideas for the Staff Advisory Council. Mika is very friendly and has a warm personality that makes her easily approachable. I think this will benefit staff members with ideas, because they will not be intimidated to come to Mika.

Mika has longevity with UMUC and she is very knowledgeable about UMUC. Her experiences in both Yokota and Okinawa give her a strong background of the operations and staff conditions.

Overall, Mika is a great person who is always willing to help and to go the extra mile. Our Staff Advisory Council could really benefit from Mika.

Nominator's Information

Name: Tiffany Barmore
Department: Area Director Okinawa
Title: Field Representative Supervisor