Tiffany Barmore — 2008 Asia Staff
Advisory Council Representative

Division: UMUC-Asia
Department: Camp Foster Education Center
Title: Field Representative


My name is Tiffany Barmore and I am currently located in Okinawa, Japan . I am double majoring in Business Administration and Accounting, and so far I am really enjoying my classes. I grew up in an Air Force family,  so we moved around a bit. I have lived in Arizona, Ohio, Texas, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Maryland, and I spent  some time in Turkey. I married a man in the Army, so the moving around will continue, but I really enjoy that. I love to see new places and learn new things, especially overseas. I work full-time for UMUC as a field representative on Camp Foster and I really enjoy it. When I am not at work or in class. I am working on my divemaster certification, reading, sightseeing on the island, golfing, or hanging out with friends.

Nomination Essay

UMUC offers a great environment for school, as well as work. I love working here not only because of the type of work we do, but because of the people that work here. Each and every one of us has something unique and special to offer at UMUC. If I am elected I will work hard to ensure that any suggestions you have will be taken to up, and that your voices are heard. The Staff Advisory Council is a great addition to the university, and I  would be honored to serve on it.