N. Renee Brown — 2011 Staff Advisory Council Representative

E-mail: nbrown@umuc.edu
Department: Information and Library Services
Title: Library Associate


Renee has worked in libraries for 14 years and has worked for UMUC's library for three years. During this time she has introduced many changes to operations that have been adopted with much success. She held numerous board positions, including the position of president, for staff associations and staff advisory councils at other library institutions.

Nomination Essay

Walking into UMUC every day staff members see/hear/experience things they would like to change, it is just unfortunate that they often don't know how to go about making those changes. Nominating myself for Staff Advisory Council is my way of not only putting forward my ideas for change, but making the process of change much more approachable by being open and willing to listen to anyone willing to propose an idea. I have experience not only working in committee, but also working with staff oriented committees for the betterment of the workplace of all that work in it. I feel I have something to contribute to this council and I have the strength of voice with which to do it. Thank you for your consideration.