Environmental Management

Welcome from the Director

Welcome to the Environmental Management program at the Undergraduate School!

Did you know that environmental managers are in high demand and that career opportunities for environmental managers are consistently expanding?

This means that the career opportunities for those interested in air and water quality, hazardous waste management, environmental toxicology and many other related areas will expand tremendously.

UMUC’s environmental management program is uniquely designed to be completed entirely online. The program offers a major and minor as well as a certificate in Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management. Its focus on resource management, pollution control, policies, regulations and environmental health and safety prepares graduates to enter the workforce with the skills needed to address the challenges of environmental sustainability.

In addition, the program provides opportunities to develop networks with instructors and peers through interaction in a dynamic, online student club.

UMUC’s environmental management program faculty are mostly professionals working in a variety of private and public settings devoted to environmental concerns. They bring their expertise and experience to the classroom. They share a passion for teaching as well as a commitment to all facets of environmental management that transcends the classroom.

Whether you take the single-credit course Exploring a Geographic Information System or Industrial Ecology, or actively engage in the online student club, as an environmental management student, you inevitably come away from your coursework with a richer appreciation of the complex interdependency of natural resources, technology and sustainability.

Choosing environmental management as a major, minor or certificate assures that you can help yourself while helping the planet.

Debra F. McLaughlin, PhD
Academic Director, Environmental Management and
Collegiate Professor