Welcome from the Program Chair

Do people only use 10 percent of their brain power? Does playing Mozart to infants boost their intelligence? Do people with amnesia forget all of the details of their former lives? If you are unsure of your answer when taking a test, is it really best to stick with your initial hunch? Can a positive attitude reduce your risk for cancer? Do men and women communicate in entirely different ways? Is low self-esteem a major cause of psychological problems? Do psychiatric labels cause harm by stigmatizing people? Are most mentally ill people violent? Do all effective psychotherapies require people to confront the root causes of their problems from childhood?

These are only some of the questions that you'll explore when you take classes in psychology. The study of psychology engages biological, applied psychological and social science to the study of behavior and cognition.

A degree in psychology from UMUC will provide you with skills in critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, scientific literacy and interpersonal relationships relevant to your daily educational, workplace and social interactions. Our program is aligned with the American Psychological Association's learning goals and outcomes, providing you with knowledge, skills and values inherently important within the science and application of psychology.

As part of the psychology degree program, you will study:

  • The scientific method through courses in statistics and research
  • The biological basis of behavior through courses in biological psychology
  • The interaction of the individual and society through courses in social psychology
  • The application of psychology through courses in professional psychology

Our faculty members bring diverse backgrounds and experiences to the classroom. As practitioners, they are active within their specialties in psychology and knowledgeable about scientific applications and investigations.

Please join us in our exploration of the biological, psychological and social factors of what makes us tick.

Jennifer L. W. Thompson, PhD
Collegiate Professor and Program Chair