Virtual Academic Integrity Laboratory (VAIL) Tutorial

The Virtual Academic Integrity Laboratory (VAIL) Tutor is an interactive online tool that introduces students to proper documentation practices, academic integrity concepts and policies, and practical tips to help avoid plagiarism. The VAIL Tutor consists of four modules:

Module 1 – Understanding Academic Integrity, Plagiarism and Cheating

Module 2 – Understanding How to Avoid Plagiarism: Tips and Strategies

Module 3 – Documentation Styles: When and How to Use Them

Module 4 – Plagiarism Policies

Students must complete a quiz at the end of each module. After successfully completing all four quizzes, students will receive a certificate of completion.

Access the VAIL Tutorial

Beginning Fall 2013, the VAIL Tutor will be replaced by the new Academic Integrity Tutorial, which will offer students dynamic content and real-world application of academic integrity concepts, policies, and research methods.