Online Learning—WebTycho

WebTycho-Enhanced Sections

All Graduate School on-site classes use the university's online course delivery system WebTycho as an enhancement. Faculty members may elect to use some or all of WebTycho's online features in conjunction with classroom-based activity.

New WebTycho Users

After a student registers for an online class, the WebTycho system creates a unique UMUC WebTycho account user name and original (temporary) password (usually within 24 hours) and informs the student of this via e-mail. The student uses this user name and password to access the online WebTycho classroom. The WebTycho account is permanent as long as the student is enrolled at UMUC. Access is gained to multiple classrooms via WebTycho by using the same user name and password.

If a student's e-mail address is inaccurate or missing, the WebTycho notification message may be delayed. In the event that a student does not receive an e-mail message within 24 hours of registering, he or she may request his or her WebTycho user name and original (temporary) password via the Login Wizard on the WebTycho Login page. The WebTycho system prompts the student to enter his or her student identification number and the e-mail address listed in WebTycho. After the e-mail address entered is verified, the system will send the student's WebTycho user name and original (temporary) password to the e-mail address listed.

Once a student has a UMUC WebTycho user name and password, he or she may access all current WebTycho classes in which he or she is enrolled at