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Put Your Academic Goals Within Reach

UMUC offers a wide variety of scholarship opportunities to help you achieve your educational goals. UMUC scholarships are available to students based on merit and/or financial need. Award amounts vary by scholarship.

UMUC Scholarship Application Process

  1. You must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for most UMUC scholarships. Students who apply for financial aid will be pre-screened for scholarship eligibility. See instructions on how to apply for financial aid at UMUC.
  2. Students who have met UMUC's established scholarship criteria will be notified of their eligibility via the "To Do List" in the MyUMUC Student Portal.




    Minimum GPA



    Minimum Credits Completed at UMUC



    You can browse our scholarship database to see eligibility criteria for each individual scholarship.
  3. If you are notified that you are eligible to apply for a scholarship, we encourage you to complete and submit your application as soon as possible. Scholarships are awarded for the academic year on a first-come, first-served basis.

Additional Scholarship Application and Eligibility Information

Meeting the minimum scholarship requirements does not guarantee that you will be awarded a scholarship.

Scholarship funding is limited. We recommend you apply early for maximum consideration. To be considered for renewal, you must reapply each year. Renewal awards are not guaranteed.

Unless otherwise stated, the minimum enrollment requirement during the award period is 6 credits. UMUC scholarships are generally awarded for the fall and/or spring semesters only. Employees of UMUC and their dependents, as well as persons who receive remission of fees from other institutions, are not eligible to apply for UMUC institutional scholarships or to receive UMUC institutional grants.

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