UMUC Scholarship for Spouses and Dependent Children of Employees Application

The UMUC Scholarship is for spouses and dependent children of UMUC staff or faculty and may be used for courses in The Undergraduate School (Stateside) or in The Graduate School (Stateside). Eligible spouses and dependents who live overseas may also use this scholarship to take undergraduate courses at UMUC's overseas divisions.

Prior to completing this application, please read the UMUC Scholarship Statement for complete eligibility requirements and other information.

Section A of this application must be completed by the scholarship applicant; and Section B of this application form must be completed by the UMUC staff or faculty employee.

The Office of Human Resources must receive your application by no later than the first day of class for your requested course. The requested course must be in the UMUC semester for which your scholarship may apply. You may submit your scholarship application form when or after you apply to UMUC. Learn more about applying for admission to UMUC.

e.g., Fall 2012

I hereby certify that this person is my spouse or dependent child as defined in the University System of Maryland Policy on Tuition Remission for Spouses and Dependent Children of Regular and Retired Faculty and Staff Employees of the University System of Maryland (Policy VII-4.20).