Video Walk-Throughs for Learning Experience Online

We created a number of instructional videos about Learning Experience Online, the new online classroom at University of Maryland University College (UMUC). The 90-second videos show you how to work in LEO, maneuver around the environment and take advantage of popular features.

If you need further assistance with LEO, visit our Get Help with Learning Experience Online page.

Classroom Navigation

Familiarize yourself with the NavBar, Course Homepage, Calendar, and Minibar.

Classroom Walkthrough - The NavBar, Course Homepage, and Calendar

Learn how to use the NavBar, Course Homepage, and Calendar within the UMUC classroom.

Classroom Walkthrough - The MiniBar

Learn how to use the MiniBar, which allows you to toggle between classes, view alerts, update your profile, and adjust your account settings.

Communicating in the Classroom

Learn how to use the Chat, Pager, Roster, and Groups functions to communicate with your instructor and fellow students.

Classroom Walkthrough - Chat

Chat is a real-time text-based collaboration tool that facilitates one-on-one or group discussions online.

Classroom Walkthrough - The Pager

The Pager allows instant messaging for easy communication.

Classroom Walkthrough - The Roster

The Roster displays and enables direct contact with everyone in the course, including students, instructors, and teaching assistants.

Classroom Walkthrough - Groups

The Groups feature allows coordination of group activities, collaboration, discussion, and submission of group assignments.


Locate and use the online tools that you will need to access for your coursework.

Classroom Walkthrough - Course Content

Course Content includes faculty contact information, learning resources, readings, and other materials that are accessed during the course.

Classroom Walkthrough - Discussions

The Discussions tool is an area to post, read and reply to threads on different topics.

Classroom Walkthrough - Assignments

The Assignments tab is what you use to submit coursework to your instructor for grading or consideration.

Classroom Walkthrough - Quizzes and Exams

This is a centralized location that your instructor may use to embed quizzes or exams within your course.

Classroom Walkthrough - The Locker

The Locker is your personal storage space to save course materials.

Checking Your Progress

Discover the tools you can use to check on your progress throughout the semester.

Classroom Walkthrough - Grades

Access Grades to view your grade and feedback on a particular assignment.

Classroom Walkthrough - Self Assignments

Your instructor may employ this tool that allows you to evaluate your comprehension and retention of various content modules in your class.

Classroom Walkthrough - Surveys

This tool enables the instructor to incorporate student surveys into the course, which can be used in a variety of ways.

Classroom Walkthrough - User Progress

User Progress is a great way to see you how you are advancing in your class and how far you've come since getting started.