Requesting a Stop Payment/Check Trace on an Outstanding Refund Check

Requesting a stop payment/check trace is used when:

  • Your refund check is lost, unclaimed, or stale dated.
      (Checks issued by the State of Maryland are void after 6 months from the date of issue)

Lost, Unclaimed or Stale Dated Refund Checks:

  1. Student Refund Checks

    Students are responsible for keeping their personal contact information up-to-date on the student portal at If your Student Refund Check is returned deemed undeliverable by the post office, we will contact you by email asking for your new address.  Funds from unclaimed Student Refund Checks are forwarded to the State of Maryland.

  2. Financial Aid Refund Checks

    Title IV awards are considered unclaimed if the funds mailed by check or EFT are returned.  If a Financial Aid Refund Check is returned deemed undeliverable by the post office, we will contact you by email asking for your new address.  Students "may" have their refund reissued provided the attempt to recoup the funds is requested timely.  Federal regulations require the Financial Aid Office to return unclaimed Title IV Funds.  If a Financial Aid Refund Check is returned, UMUC may make additional attempts to disburse the funds, provided that those attempts are made not later than 45 days after the funds were returned or rejected. UMUC must cease all attempts to disburse the funds and return them to the lender or grant fund no later than 240 days after the date it issued the first check.

Important Things to Know About Requesting a Stop Payment/Reissue:

  • If you are requesting a stop payment on a check released from UMUC, you must certify that you have waited a minimum of 15 days before sending your request.
  • Once we receive your stop payment form, a stop payment will be placed on the original check.  Therefore, if you receive the check in the mail, you may not cash it.  If you cash or deposit the check, you will be liable for all costs incurred by your financial institution, not UMUC.
  • The reissue of a check takes about 14-21 calendar days from the time it was requested. If the funds are reissued by direct deposit, please allow approximately 7-10 calendar days.
  • Replacement checks or copies will come from the State of Maryland's Treasurer's Office, not UMUC.
  • If the check was paid, a copy of the cancelled check will be provided if requested.

Request a Stop Payment/Check Trace Request Form

The Stop Payment/Check Trace Request form may be completed and faxed to 301-985-7858, emailed to or mailed to:

University of Maryland University College
3501 University Blvd. East
Office of Student Accounts
Adelphi, MD 20783

Make sure to date and sign the form.