Types of Internships

There are three different types of internships: paid, unpaid/volunteer and cooperative education (also known as co-op or for-credit). Employers choose which type of internship they offer students. Some employers only offer paid or unpaid internships. Other employers may offer both paid compensation and academic credit or just credit.

For-Credit Internships

UMUC allows students to obtain credit for internships. This is known as cooperative education, or co-op. To learn more about the differences between regular internships and co-ops, visit the frequently asked questions.

Career Services does not oversee the co-op program; the co-op process is coordinated by the Workplace Learning Program. To determine if you are eligible for a co-op, review the application process and deadlines or apply, go to Workplace Learning Program, call 800-888-UMUC (8682), ext. 2890, or e-mail coop@umuc.edu.

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