I Know What I Want to Do.
How Do I Get There?

When planning your career, think about where you want to be in five years, and work backwards. Assess the type work experience and education you will need to be able to do the job; both of these will play an integral role in achieving your goals.

Research, Research, Research

When planning your career, learn as much as you can:

  • Research specific occupations and majors
  • Understand how occupations, job settings and academic programs are organized
  • Research job descriptions
  • Investigate education and training options
  • Understand the skills and traits required for specific occupations

You can research UMUC's career-focused undergraduate/bachelor's and graduate/master's programs.

Create a Career Planning Timeline

Once you have explored your career and know the type of experience and knowledge you will need, create a career planning timeline to achieve your career goal while pursuing your education. If you would like help creating your timeline, request to talk to a career advisor.

Search for a Job

Closer to graduation, start a job search and target positions that will position you to advance to your ultimate career goal. Refer refer to the job search section for more information and resources.

More Resources

These articles from external Web sites offer more ways to plan your career.

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