Chronological Resume
Professional or Employment Experience

This section is the most important part of your resume and will take the most time to write. An effective format for writing your experience is to list your accomplishments and describe your duties using short bulleted phrases that begin with strong action verbs.

To include your Employment Experience on a chronological resume, list the following:


06/06-07/08    Project Manager, ABX Corp., Washington, D.C.

  • Successfully managed upgrade from XYZ 6.0 to XYZ 8.0
  • Created policies and procedures of project management for corporate services group
  • Spearheaded and directed data clean up efforts ultimately leading to the successful conversion of base records


  • Refrain from using pronouns such as "I" or phrases that begin with "Responsibilities or Duties included"
  • Make sure to order your phrases in each position by importance to the job desired so your reader sees the most relevant skills first
  • Use quantifying information and include key words from the position announcement whenever possible


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