Student Advisory Board

The UMUC NSLS chapter is pleased to announce that seven chapter members were recently elected to serve on the 2013—14 Student Advisory Board: Vera Jones, Achille Njapou, Ebony Branch, Shellie Monroe, Cristiane Chantel-Thomas, Dana Marie Mierzwicki, Esan Sumner, and Lattiea Whitaker. These student advisory board members will help UMUC's NSLS chapter accomplish its annual goals and serve as liaisons between the chapter members and the UMUC NSLS chapter advisor in Career Services.  

Students who may be interested in board membership in the future must be members of the UMUC NSLS online chapter and have a minimum of one year remaining before graduation. 

Learn more about advisory board membership: 

Self-Nomination Requirements and Process 

To nominate yourself, please submit the following documents to the UMUC NSLS chapter advisor at

  • Resume 
  • Letter of interest that includes 
    1. Why you would like to serve on the Student Advisory Board. 
    2. The board position for which you are nominating yourself. 
    3. Leadership qualities you possess. 
    4. Your induction status and what you like most about the NSLS. 

Advisory Board Goals 

The UMUC online chapter of the NSLS has several goals it seeks to accomplish on an annual basis:

  • Promote and oversee the scholarship application process from the UMUC online chapter.
  • Coordinate virtual and face-to-face networking opportunities for inducted members. 
  • Conduct outreach to students who have registered for NSLS membership but have not completed all steps to induction. 
  • Provide resources for community service and leadership opportunities nationwide. 

Advisory Board Member Expectations

  • Attend board meetings and support events of the UMUC NSLS online chapter.
  • Stay informed about the NSLS, the UMUC online chapter, and developments in UMUC Career Services. 
  • Take on special assignments and serve on task forces as requested. 
  • Suggest possible nominations for scholarships and advisory board members. 
  • Keep up to date on happenings regarding leadership and career advancement. 

Advisory Board Members Attributes 

Candidates for the UMUC NSLS Student Advisory Board should possess the following leadership characteristics: 

  • Desire to serve and represent the needs others 
  • Ability to complete assigned duties while maintaining academic success
  • Ethical conduct and the ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Skills with working with a team and motivating others 

Advisory Board Oversight 

The Student Advisory Board will report to the UMUC NSLS chapter advisor in UMUC's Career Services. 

Advisory Board Member Term Limits 

All Student Advisory Board members serve a one-year term, with the exception of the vice chair, who has the option to serve a second term as chair.