About the National Society of Leadership and Success

The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) is an honor society with more than 200 college chapters. The society's mission is to build leaders who make a better world. The society is founded on the core beliefs that one can achieve one's dreams with the proper support and dedicated action and that we accomplish more together than we would achieve alone. 

The society encourages community action, volunteerism, personal growth, and strong leadership from its chapters and members around the world. 

There are two ways to join the National Society of Leadership and Success: by invitation or by completing the nomination form. If you have not been invited and would like to join, please visit this site to fill out the nomination form, and indicate Dr. Lisa Andrews as your recommending faculty member. 

About the UMUC NSLS Chapter 

The UMUC chapter is sponsored by Career Services to help students and alumni obtain leadership skills for competing in an ever-changing workforce. Society members are distinguished from their peers as leaders at their institutions and in their communities. Prospective members undergo a rigorous training program that prepares them for leadership in the academic arena, as well as the workplace. 


Our mission is to build leaders who make a better world.  

Society Shield 

The society's shield bears the Greek letters sigma (Σ), alpha (A), and pi (Π), which are representative of the organization's motto: Success comes from continual action toward your purpose. 

Σ = Success    Α = Action    Π = Purpose 

Contact Us 

For more information about the UMUC NSLS chapter, contact Career Services at 240-684-2720 or Once you become a member, you will work virtually with an advisor from the society's national office.