Student Advisory Council

Student Advisory Council Elections: Voting Has Closed

The voting period—October 1 to October 15—has now ended. Online ballots are being tabulated for the following STAC vacancies:

  • Global graduate student representative (one position)
  • Stateside Division undergraduate student representative (three positions)
  • Asia Division undergraduate student representative (two positions)
  • Europe Division undergraduate student representative (two positions)

Check back here to find out who will represent you.

About STAC

The Student Advisory Council (STAC) consists of 12 members who are elected by you, the student body, as your representatives to provide a means for students to give input and be informed about significant institutional decisions. STAC members act in an advisory capacity to the university president, provost, deans, and other officials to express the views of the students.

If you have an institutional issue you would like to have addressed, or any questions about STAC, you may contact your local representative, or send an e-mail to Please note that the Student Advisory Council is not able to consult on individual student issues. Students seeking assistance with academic and other issues may use the links available on the following pages to find assistance: