Guidelines for Using Computing Facilities

You may use your UNIX account at UMUC computing facilities or through the dial-in service. To ensure high-quality service to all of our users, we will enforce the following rules at all of our facilities.

  1. Computing facilities are for the use of UMUC students, faculty, and staff only. You will be asked to show a current UMUC ID.
  2. Quiet must be maintained in all of UMUC's public-access computing facilities.
  3. No eating, drinking, or smoking is permitted in any of UMUC's computing facilities.
  4. Children may not accompany UMUC students, faculty, or staff into computing facilities and may not, under any circumstances, be in the building unsupervised.
  5. We subscribe to a strict antipiracy policy. You may not use our computers to duplicate copyrighted software.
  6. You may bring your own software to use on our microcomputers, but our lab assistants are not expected to support any software that we do not own.
  7. We do not allow our facilities to be used for playing computer games.