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UMUC Pay for Print FAQ

UMUC open access computer labs at Largo and Dorsey Station are currently using a pay for printing service. To better prepare you for your visit and answer any questions you may have, please read the following FAQ:

Why do I have to pay for printing?

Charging for printing will allow UMUC to provide better services to its students in the labs and ensure that we are able to provide proper maintenance for the printers. The printing system also provides better security, ensuring that only the student with the password they have entered is allowed to pick up their printout. This Pharos printing system is in use at other University System of Maryland campuses and has allowed those campuses to better serve their students.

Why do I need a SMART card to print?

The Pharos software (which runs the pay-for-print system) is designed to allow users to release their print jobs to the printer and pay for them with a print card.

How do I obtain a print card?

The Debitek machine, located near the front door of the homework lab, accepts credit or debit cards. Your credit or debit card will be charged $5.00, of which $2.50 is immediately available to use for printing (there is a $2.50 fee whenever a new card is purchased). Currently, UMUC accepts only Mastercard and VISA, debit and credit cards. Once your debit or credit card has been accepted, the Debitek machine will eject your new SMART print card.

Can I add more value to my SMART print card?

You can add as much value to the card as you need at the Debitek machine. There are NO additional fees if you reuse your SMART card to add more value!

How much will I be charged to print documents?

Student printing costs:

Ink color Price per sheet of paper
Black and white $ .07
Color $ .35

Faculty printing costs: Please contact the lab attendant or supervisor

What if I lose my printing card?

Due to the fact that these cards have no identity attached to them, we cannot replace the value on lost printing cards.  You may use a permanent marker to put a distinctive mark on your card for identification if needed.