Credit by Examination

General Information

UMUC may award as many as 60 credits by examination toward the bachelor's degree (30 toward the associate's degree), provided that (1) there is no duplication of other academic credit, and (2) the scores presented meet UMUC standards based on the timeframe examination was taken.

Examinations may include the Advanced Placement examinations administered by the College Board, the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) examinations, and Excelsior College Examinations. UMUC also accepts credit for professional examinations listed in the ACE Guide to Educational Credit by Examination. As many as 30 credits by examination awarded by other regionally accredited institutions may be accepted for courses that appear on an official transcript with a grade of C or better. Students who have questions about credit by examination are encouraged to consult an advisor.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Up to 24 semester hours may be awarded for general examinations in the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP). The scores must meet UMUC standards. UMUC may award 3 semester hours each for the English examination and the mathematics examination, and 6 semester hours for the examinations in natural science, social sciences and history, and humanities. Successful completion of certain subject-area examinations is another way of earning college credit.

CLEP Subject Examinations credit may be awarded for successfully completing certain subject oriented exams.

Excelsior College Examinations

Students may earn credit for successfully completing subject tests offered by Excelsior College. Tests are available in various areas of the arts and sciences, as well as in business. Scores must meet UMUC standards.

DSST Examinations

Credit may be awarded for successfully completing certain subject-level DSST exams (formerly known as DANTES or USAFI).

Advanced Placement

Advanced placement and college credit may be granted to students who enter UMUC directly from a secondary school, on the basis of scores on a College Board Advanced Placement (AP) examination. These examinations are normally administered to eligible high school seniors during the May preceding matriculation in college.

A student intending to transfer AP credit that was awarded at another college or similar institution must have a transcript of those scores sent directly to UMUC from the College Board. When those scores have been received, an evaluator will determine whether they meet the standards established at UMUC for granting AP credit, and how much credit may be awarded.

UMUC Course Challenge Examinations

Academic credit may be earned for any UMUC undergraduate course for which a suitable examination can be prepared and administered. Course examinations are comprehensive tests of the material that is normally presented through a semester-long course. The exams provide students with the opportunity to establish academic credit for competencies for which academic credit has not already been earned.

UMUC Foreign Language Experience Questionnaire

UMUC requires you undergo a credit-by-credit examination in order to conduct a thorough educational review of transfer credit in a foreign language. The Foreign Language Questionnaire contains more information about this process.

Addresses for Score Reports

Students are advised to contact the organizations listed before requesting transcripts. Some require payment of a processing fee to be included with the request.