Course Challenge

Application For a Course Challenge Exam to Establish Undergraduate Credit

SECTION I: To be completed by all students

SECTION II: To be completed only by students seeking credit by examination in foreign language.

We are interested in learning as much as possible about your complete academic background; therefore, we ask that you carefully complete this section with regard to your school attendance. Show when you started school, how far you went, the kinds of schools you attended, the certificates you earned, the examinations you passed, and the degrees you attained.

SECTION III: To be completed by all students

To enable the University of Maryland University College to make a realistic evaluation of my ability to pass the examination, I offer the following detailed information explaining how I acquired knowledge of the subject matter of this course (classroom study, private tutoring, etc.). I realize that it is my responsibility to be adequately prepared for the examination. Approval of this application by a UMUC official does not indicate any formal assessment of my ability to pass the examination.