Tips for Success

How to Complete Your Degree Without Delays

Congratulations! You're on the right path toward achieving your bachelor's degree with UMUC. Your transfer credit evaluation or degree progress report charts the progress you have made toward your academic achievement and acts as a guide so you can make informed decisions about which future courses to take. The evaluation shows you the courses that have been accepted in transfer, the UMUC courses you have completed, and the remaining credits needed for your degree.

  • Our experience in preparing students for graduation has given us insight into what steps you need to take, or avoid taking, to graduate without delays. Because we want to ensure that no obstacles stand in the way of your pursuit of a UMUC bachelor's degree, we have developed these helpful tips.

  • Keep your evaluation/report in a place where you can access it frequently. Once you receive a degree progress report you can access it online as well and run updates as you take UMUC courses each semester. Online access is at Student Portal > My Academics > Academic Reports >UGRD Degree Progress Report. Please refer to your evaluation before each registration. Your evaluation will automatically update as you take courses with UMUC.

  • Always check the equivalency column on your evaluation/report. We are asking you not to take these UMUC courses, because they will duplicate credit we have already accepted. If you repeat a course you passed, even in error, you cannot receive credit twice.

  • Always read the entire catalog description before you register. There are similar courses in various disciplines. You may find a disclaimer that says you cannot get credit for a particular course if you have already completed a similar version of the course in another department. You are also responsible for completing prerequisites that are required for specific courses. You will not be able to register if you have not completed these requirements.

  • Check course numbers carefully. Course numbers and department designators generally remain the same, but occasionally they do change to keep up with more current terminology. An example would be HRMN 300 (formerly BMGT 360) in the business department. If you think you have completed the course under a different department or course number, check with your advisor or enrollment specialist.

  • Do not repeat any courses with similar titles from previous credit you earned at another college. It is probably the same material and the same course.

  • Write down your questions before contacting your advisor and write down the advice you receive. Your evaluation/report is your road map to your degree program at UMUC; therefore, you may want to indicate on your evaluation the courses you have taken and use the form as a guide when making decisions about courses you should take. If along your way you decide to change your major, please let your advisor know.

  • Check with an advisor before attending another institution. We need to be certain that we can accept your transfer credit, so you don't waste time or money. If you send additional transcripts for review, an updated evaluation will be automatically done for you as transcripts are received and articulated.

  • Let us know your intentions. If you need to interrupt your education for a while, send your advisor a letter to let us know your plans. Sometimes curriculum requirements change and we need to know if you plan to return at a later date.