University Advisory Council

As part of UMUCs shared governance structure, the University Advisory Council (UAC) serves in an advisory capacity to the president, the provost and chief academic officer, the senior vice president and chief financial officer/chief operating officer, and other senior UMUC administrators whom the president may designate.

The UACs mandate is to review, advise the president about, and communicate with stakeholders on the broad direction of the university in the following areas:

  • mission/budget;
  • curriculum/instruction/research;
  • appointment/rank/promotion of faculty;
  • human resource policy;
  • student issues;
  • other areas of interest or concern to UMUC faculty, staff and students

The Council has thirteen members including four representatives each from the Student Advisory Council, the Faculty Advisory Council, and the Global Staff Advisory Council and a non-voting, ex officio member designated by UMUC's president. Members may serve a maximum of three one-year terms. UAC voting representatives are selected annually by each constituent council.

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Note to students: The role of the University Advisory Council is to advise the University administration on policy issues, with the goal of bettering the institution as a whole. The University Advisory Council is not able to consult on individual student issues.  Students seeking assistance with academic and other issues may use the links available on the following pages to find assistance: