Carrying Ice to Make Peach Ice Cream

Judy Jashinsky
Born in Oconto Falls, Wisconsin, United States
Lives in Chicago, Illinois, United States
Carrying Ice to Make Peach Ice Cream, 2011

Lake Adequetangie, in the Adirondacks

Barbara Turlington
Arts for the Aging

From the splintery wooden dock,
look out to the raft in the middle of the small lake,
pick up a canoe, pull hard the smooth paddle,
correcting direction as the front swings wildly—
feel the stretch of muscles, the heat of sun on bare skin,
clamber up on the raft to lie on your striped towel,
look back to the green shore with its small cabins
and smaller people, but mostly the trees
and the ice house at the end
where winter’s ice, cut from the lake and
smothered in sawdust waits to be sawed into smaller blocks
to be carried by rowboat to waiting ice boxes and smashed
in buckets for making peach ice cream.



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