Underwater #1

Neno Belchev
Born in Varna, Bulgaria
Lives in Varna, Bulgaria
Untitled (Underwater #1), 2011


David Horn, 17
Life Pieces to Masterpieces

find me warm, keep me cold,
delete my germs, boil me.
I’m liquid, I’m ice, I’m wavy
I’m nice, so toy with me.
I’m always here, I’m in your tears
90% of your body, loyalty.
Project and eject out of your
body, orally,
Mythical, but visual
so much control and power.
Mix me with strong
winds and I can go psycho
in an hour.
Mix me with flour I become pancakes.
Mix me with soap,
I’m a clean handshake.
Release as energy I become
sweat, release from sadness
I become tears.

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