In Deep Water

Victor Ekpuk
Born in Nigeria
Lives in Alexandria, Virginia, United States
In Deep Water, 2011


Chris Stevens, 17
Life Pieces to Masterpieces

Water is creation
Water is elevation
Water is dedication
Water is inspiration

Water is the human heart beat
Water is 70% of mother earth
Water is the contribution of everything that lives
Water is love peace happiness and prosperity

Water is the darkness
Water is the light
Water is clarity
Water is cloudy

Water is quiet yet so loud
Water comes and goes with its own rhythm as it flows
Water is weak when it wants to be and strong when it has to be
Water is original and yet so natural it is unique

Water is positive
Water can be negative
Water is destructive
Water is rehabilitative

Water can be strange at times, but is normal
all the time
Water is cool, calm, collected
Water is warm, unpredictable, out of control

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