Beware of E-mail Virus Targeting BlackBerry Users

August 30, 2012

A new fraudulent e-mail directed at BlackBerry users has been reported, and members of the UMUC community are urged not to open the message. Users who are targeted receive an e-mail with the subject line “Your BlackBerry ID has been created.” The e-mail contains the same content as a legitimate e-mail from BlackBerry that encourages users to follow instructions in an attached file to learn how to “enjoy the full benefits” of their ID. 

The attachment contains a virus housed in a .ZIP file that will infect the user’s computer if downloaded. The virus modifies the system registry to start malware programs upon the computer’s next start-up. UMUC has blocked the message from being sent to UMUC-owned devices. However, if you received the message prior to the security measures being put in place, delete the message, and do not download the attachment. If you believe you may have downloaded the attachment, reset your password and e-mail or call 301-985-7400. Below are tips to help avoid becoming a victim of a phishing scam. 

  • Never disclose personal information, such as PINs, passwords or similar access information for credit card, bank or other accounts through e-mail solicitation.
  • Phishing scams often include logos and graphics of banks, companies and institutions to make e-mails appear official. If you are unsure whether an e-mail is legitimate, open a new browser and type the address of the official company Web site to view your account information or alerts.
  • If you suspect an e-mail may not be legitimate, do not open any attachments or click any links. Attachments and links could contain viruses.
  • Do not reply to the message or attempt to unsubscribe.
  • Mark the e-mail as spam.  

Remember … U are the center of SEC_RITY at UMUC.