Booz Allen Hamilton Partners with UMUC to Provide Cybersecurity Training to its Workforce

Partnership will afford Booz Allen Hamilton employees opportunity to earn graduate certificate in cybersecurity

By Nick Kelly ( |   October 10, 2010

ADELPHI, MD (October 20, 2010)—UMUC announced today that it has formed a partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton to provide graduate-level cybersecurity training to its workforce. This partnership will allow employees at Booz Allen Hamilton to complete courses and earn a graduate certificate in one of three tracks: Foundations of Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity Policy or Cybersecurity Technology. All course credits earned can be applied to UMUC’s full Master of Science in Cybersecurity or Master of Science in Cybersecurity Policy for employees who wish to continue their education and development. All three graduate certificate programs will be available to the general public starting in the Spring 2011 semester.

“Our nation’s ability to successfully protect our critical infrastructure and information systems from attacks hinges on a trained, ready cyber workforce,” said J. Michael (Mike) McConnell, Executive Vice President at Booz Allen. “At a time when the public and private sector gaps in cyber professionals are cavernous, we are pleased to partner with UMUC to deliver a program aimed at fortifying this workforce.”

Booz Allen’s partnership with UMUC will provide employees with a time-efficient and cost-effective opportunity to earn a certificate in a solely virtual environment. The program will be delivered in cohorts of up to 25 Booz Allen employees over two to three semesters. Employees can use Booz Allen’s tuition reimbursement program to fund their enrollment in any of the three graduate certificate programs.

“UMUC’s mission is to offer top-quality educational programs that serve working adults while responding to the workforce needs of our state, nation and world,” said UMUC President Susan C. Aldridge. “Booz Allen Hamilton has been a leader in cyber consulting for over a decade and UMUC looks forward to providing their employees with cutting-edge training that addresses the evolving needs of their clients in the technology market.”

Booz Allen employees who participate in the program will choose from one of three program tracks; Foundations in Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity Policy, and Cybersecurity Technology. These cybersecurity certificates are designed for those already in the workforce in a managerial or leadership position who need to understand cybersecurity issues that may impinge upon their organization. No new resources will be required for employees who wish to complete the certificates, which will be composed entirely of existing courses in the areas of cybersecurity, information assurance and homeland security.

  • Foundations of Cybersecurity will allow students to assess measures to prevent anticipated cyber intrusions, employ the experiences from past cyber intrusions to mitigate future cyber threats, and formulate and implement enterprise-level policies to successfully prevent and detect cyber intrusions.

  • The Cybersecurity Policy track will assess the scale and scope of the risk of potential cyber threats at the enterprise, national and global level; assess organizational controls that can detect cyber intrusions as quickly as possible; and assess responses to unanticipated and anticipated cyber intrusions to restore the operations of an organization.

  • In Cybersecurity Technology, students will be able to analyze cybersecurity issues from different perspectives, lead teams of cybersecurity professionals, and make strategic decisions to prevent and protect entities from cyber threats.

Hundreds already have enrolled in UMUC’s first online cybersecurity degree programs, which launched this fall. The programs included a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity and two master’s degree programs in cybersecurity and cybersecurity policy.