Alumni Spotlight: FBI

UMUC Alumni and FBI Agents—Their Success is No Secret!

By Stephanie Edwards |   October 2010

Alumni FBI , Alumnus

Their secret identities cannot be revealed, but their achievements can be broadcast for all to admire. These four FBI agents are UMUC alumni who all say that their rise to top was boosted by a UMUC education and degree.

One UMUC alumnus, James*, says that his UMUC Bachelor of Science degree in information systems management, “opened doors in the academic, information technology, and now federal law enforcement career fields.” James learned how to analyze, plan, execute, control, and close projects in his IFSM courses. He also attributes his success to the Project Management Certificate he earned from UMUC. His interest in the program was piqued when he took a project management course as part of his undergraduate degree. Two years later, when he worked at the Pentagon, James was eligible to take the Project Management Institute, Project Management Professional Certification (PMP). Now a certified Project Management Professional, he uses the skills he learned at UMUC while working at the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Ashley, also a UMUC alumnus, also  earned his Bachelor of Science in information systems management while serving  his country.  Ashley said that the  mentoring and relevant coursework he received from UMUC helped him  transition from military life to civilian life. He noted, “Having a degree from  UMUC has opened doors for me that I never thought possible.  I've now talked to astronauts in Mission  Control, successfully attained a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security  Professional) certification, and now graduated from the most prestigious law  enforcement institution in the world.  I  can't wait to see what happens next!”

Sara has  used her Bachelor of Science in social sciences in several careers. She also  earned her degree while in the military and at the time was an active duty US  Air Force Air Surveillance Technician based in Japan. Sara said, “The evenings,  weekends, and online class offerings provided me the opportunity to continue my  education while serving my country.” Her education opened up many doors and  opportunities, and she chose to become a financial advisor for Edward Jones  Financial Services. Though she enjoyed financial advising, she knew there were  other opportunities she wanted to explore, so she decided to apply with the  FBI, one of many open doors to UMUC students.

Matt had already completed his  associate’s degree when he joined the Marines. Because he was in a unit with an  “extremely high operational tempo,” it was a real challenge to find the time  for courses. However, UMUC’s online courses and flexible scheduling allowed  Matt to achieve his goal of earning his bachelor’s degree. He explained that  his professors were very understanding when he would occasionally need to  adjust his deadlines because of military operations. Matt  said, “During my time  in the Marine Corps I deployed four times, two of them being to Iraq.  Despite that fact, I was able to complete my  degree. Earning my degree made me eligible to apply to the Federal Bureau of  Investigation where I am currently employed.”

These FBI agents are four of many  UMUC students who were able to overcome great obstacles by taking advantage of the  university’s flexible scheduling and excellent professors and support staff.  Their identities might be concealed but the success of UMUC’s alumni is no  secret! 

* To conceal their identities, only  first names have been used.