Faculty Focus:  David Johnson

Dr. David P. Johnson Grows and Excels With UMUC

By Stephanie Edwards |   October 2010

Dr. David Johnson , Faculty

Computer Studies
School of Undergraduate Studies

Dr. David P. Johnson, a UMUC faculty and staff member, credits much of his success to the university he has grown up with—UMUC.

Recently promoted to Acting Director of Computer Studies, David has held thirteen salaried positions with UMUC since 1987. As a faculty member, he currently teaches IFSM 201, Introduction to Computer-Based Systems. In the past, he has taught five additional CMST courses and has worked as a teaching assistant before becoming an instructor.  

For his excellence in teaching, David was nominated eight times for the Stanley J. Drazek Teaching Award. He felt honored by each nomination.

David won a Teaching Innovation Award for his work in developing a library of online multimedia tutorials for his desktop publishing course. He said, “My goal was to try to create learning experiences that the online student could benefit from without being physically present in a classroom.”

He credits his success to hard work and being a team player—he also credits UMUC. He explained that it was at the university that he became the successful professional and faculty member he is today. “UMUC deserves much of the credit, outside of my parents,” said David.

David said his long history with the university gives him a unique perspective as a faculty member. His UMUC story began in 1986, when he took two undergraduate courses at the university. This experience led him to become a student worker the next year, with UMUC’s helpdesk. Later, he decided to pursue his master’s degree in Computer Systems Management at UMUC. After earning a PhD in Workforce Education from University of Georgia, he returned to UMUC once more to teach.

David noted that one of the best things about teaching at UMUC is the wealth of real-world experience that the students themselves bring to the classroom. He explained that UMUC is also great because the university "constantly strives for excellence in the educational experience we provide for our students.”

He added that he appreciates that UMUC students come from many walks of life and have varied backgrounds and ages, but are united by the same goal. “What inspires me about our students is that they share a common dream,” said David. “In order to achieve this dream, they are confronted with a number of obstacles. They stay the course and keep their dream alive. This is what I admire. We share a common bond as I have taken a similar journey.”

For those interested in going into the computer  field, David said that it is an extremely profitable, diverse and exciting field to go into. In fact, he said, the computer field is projected as one of the fastest-growing occupations. “UMUC has six undergraduate computer programs, so if you are interested in computing, odds are, we have a program to your liking,” said David.

David will continue to grow with UMUC as he teaches more courses and tackles new challenges each day. “I stand up for what I believe in. I continue to observe, learn and strive to be the best I can be,” he said. “At the heart of it all are the many people who mentored me along the way.”