Student Spotlight: Ivette Pradera

Ivette Pradera Tackles the One-Year MBA

By Donna King |   March 2012

Ivette Pradera , Student

UMUC student Ivette Pradera thrives on managing multiple responsibilities and challenges. In 2011, she moved from Miami to New York City to pursue a career in marketing and advertising. While still adjusting to a new job and new home, she also decided it was time to pursue her dream of earning an MBA.

She learned about UMUC's One-Year MBA program through an ad on the New York Times Web site. After reviewing the program requirements, Ivette decided it was the program for her. "I knew I would be able to handle the intensity," says Ivette who already holds an MS in communications from Florida International University. 

Among the first students to enroll in the one-year program, Ivette is on target to complete her MBA this spring. "Organization is the key," she says. "This is a program that requires a significant commitment of your time each week."

Although she works full-time in an demanding industry, Ivette devotes about three hours per evening, three evenings a week—along with much of each weekend—to class work and study. She prepares a schedule of class assignments due a week in advance and plans any after work events around assignment due dates. She also aims to stay at least one week ahead of schedule so that if "something unexpected occurs at work, I’ll be prepared," she says.

After completing the program, Ivette hopes to move on to a more challenging role within her current company.

"I love the program," says Ivette. "Overall, it's been a wonderful experience. The professors are amazing. They really care about their students’ success and are available anytime to answer questions. The course materials are well-written and easy to understand, and the caliber of students enrolled in the program is top-notch, allowing for very intellectual and thought provoking debates." 

For students who are considering enrolling in the One-Year MBA program, Ivette offers these tips for success:

  • Plan ahead. Professors do a wonderful job of posting syllabus information online prior to class, along with each week's course topics and content.
  • Be proactive. Review the information ahead of time and prepare your questions or comments. Don’t wait until the last minute to become engaged in the week's assignment.
  • Ask questions. The professors are always available to answer any concerns or questions. Do not feel alone. If you have a question, another student likely has the same one.
  • Make your assignments a priority. The professors will work with you, but you have to put forth a significant amount of effort also.
  • Participate in class discussions. Engaging with other students can be helpful as you work through course materials.