Alumni Spotlight: Jonathan Moreno

Jonathan Moreno overcomes many adversities to earn his bachelor's degree.

By Donna King |   August 2010

Jonathan Moreno , Alumnus

Just four years ago,  Jonathan Moreno was looking forward to a long career in the U.S. Army; then he  was injured in combat. Facing the end of his military service after 11 years—served entirely  overseas, including a tour of duty in Iraq—Jonathan needed to prepare himself  for the return to civilian life.


“At first my  future seemed bleak,” Jonathan recalls. “Yet, somehow I knew that attaining an  education could ease my transition out of the military.” He embarked on the path  to education at UMUC, and in 2009, he received a BS in Information Systems  Management and a certificate in Project Management for IT professionals.


Jonathan’s  road to graduation wasn’t easy, but “I kept my goal in mind at all times,” he  says.


While  recovering from his combat injuries, he took three to four, and one semester  even five, classes at a time. Often, he paid out-of-pocket for classes when his  tuition assistance ran out for the year.


During the last two years  of his undergraduate program, Jonathan was reassigned to the Army’s Warrior  Transition Unit, specifically designed to assist those soldiers with the most  critical medical needs. He underwent four surgeries along with numerous other  medical treatments and struggled to complete class assignments on time.


Jonathan  credits his professors with helping him to stay focused and on track. “I was  able to confide in my instructors whenever I was having serious medical  issues,” he says. “They assisted me in coming up with a plan that would  ultimately allow me to complete all of my work and take my final exams on  schedule.”


Now  enrolled in UMUC’s graduate program, Jonathan hopes to one day teach at the  university. “I want to be a part of the same staff that helped me in achieving  my educational dreams,” he says. “I battled through all the adversities, but in  the end I am proud to say that I am a UMUC graduate.”