Faculty Focus: Penny Sima

Penny Sima is Dedicated to Lifelong Service

By Amanda Agatstein |   October 2010

Penny Sima , Faculty

Graduate School of Management and Technology

While serving in Afghanistan, UMUC graduate Penny  Sima witnessed nonprofit organizations in action. Inspired by their efforts, Penny, U.S.  Army Reserve soldier and human intelligence staff manager for the Army  Department, chose to specialize in nonprofit and association management as part  of her MS in management degree program.

“When I returned from Afghanistan, I volunteered for  Habitat for Humanity, but realized I had much more to learn about nonprofit  work. So I knew this was the specialization I wanted to pursue.”

Penny is one of four UMUC finalists chosen for a Presidential  Management Fellowship (PMF), a two-year paid fellowship with a U.S. federal  agency. She is currently interviewing for PMF positions in the Washington, D.C.,  area.

“I still really enjoy working in intelligence,” says Penny,  “but I’m excited to make a difference in the nonprofit sector when I retire  from the Army Department.”