Faculty Focus:  Robert Beauchamp

Robert Beauchamp Promotes a Growing Environment at UMUC

By Julie Epstein |   October 2010

Dr. Robert Beauchamp , Faculty

Environmental Management
Graduate School of Management and Technology

Dr. Robert Beauchamp has overseen many advancements in UMUC’s environmental  management program.

He joined the university’s graduate faculty as director of  the environmental management track in 1993. Under his direction, the track  became a full Master of Science in environmental management program in 1995. The program continued to gain momentum over the next decade, earning the  “Best Developed Program” award from the University Continuing Education  Association (UCEA) in 2005. And now in 2007, the Council of Graduate Schools  approved UMUC’s environmental management master’s degree as a Professional  Science Masters (PSM) program. Graduates from the program will be recognized  as professionals in both science and management. The PSM recognition also means that  UMUC and the environmental management program are listed as participants in the  PSM program along with over 90 other universities and colleges in the United States. 

Robert is the first to recognize the contributions that his faculty have made to the program. “I have put together an outstanding team of adjunct faculty who  bring in-depth real world environmental experience and background to the  classroom.” His faculty help to accomplish the program’s overreaching goal, which is to continually  respond to current environmental issues and  future challenges by  developing new courses and including pertinent  topics in existing courses.

The director ’s quest to educate others  about the environment persists outside of the classroom as well. Robert has  published a significant number of papers on environmental issues and  technologies in peer review journals. At invitation, he has presented the  results of his research on new and emerging environmental technologies at  professional conferences.

This year, Robert will be giving  talks on "Global Climate Change, Impacts and Challenges" to  conservation groups in Pennsylvania and Washington, DC.  He has additional talks scheduled for 2008.
  As for the future of the environmental  management program, Robert and his team will continue to provide  curriculum that is current and career-directed. “Our goal is to prepare students to assume environmental  managerial positions in industry, governments, consulting and business firms  such as directors and/or managers of environmental projects and programs.”

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