Share Your Moment!

April 22, 2014

We are creating a new social experience at UMUC—UMUC Moments—and want you to join in!

We want to hear about your moments. The moment you were recognized for the value you bring to your job because of what you learned at UMUC; when you knew the time, effort, and sacrifice of juggling school and work and life were worth it, and that your career and future were looking brighter. Those moments where you felt you're your education was worth it. The moment you grasped a concept and applied it a work. The moment you felt valued at the office.

For example:

"I can talk a lot about intrusion detection, about Snort, about the different types of intrusion detection systems out. I feel like I'm finally contributing something, instead of feeling like the intern or the newbie."

—Pamela Gibson, MS, Cybersecurity

To join in the conversation, all you need to do is take a moment and share your story—through a video or quote—visit or share #UMUCMoments.

Thank you for sharing!